Basic Contract Terms & Conditions

Please also refer to package terms and conditions for hire terms and conditions.   The terms "days" refers to working days and any bank holidays or local public holidays cannot be classed as a working day.

Agreement:   This is an agreement between us - the company trading as Unique Children's Parties (UCP) and you the client. This agreement starts from the date you make a confirmed booking with us. Only these terms shall constitute the terms of the agreement between UCP and you the client.  A booking is deemed as confirmed when both parties agree on the order or when we are in receipt of a deposit and/or a completed booking pack or by any other written form that establishes mutual agreement.  From the point of confirmation, only the items listed on the booking pack shall form part of this agreement.  If you are a commercial client then the booking of an event date via written correspondence will constitute an order and therefore agreement to our terms.  After your order has been made, we will contact you on the week of your order to reconfirm your order and timings etc, please note that unless paying for planning we cannot discuss orders out with these timelines.

Payment terms:  In order to secure your date a non-refundable non-transferable deposit is required, please refer to your individual booking pack for further information of deposit sums required.  The following payment dates are applicable:  

  •  4 weeks prior to the event, 50% of the remaining balance may be required to be paid, this is dependent on your total and remaining balance.

  • The remainder of the balance must be paid by BACs no later than the Wednesday prior to the Event or 7 working days for Credit/Debit Card (5% charge applicable) if you wish to pay via card then please contact us for an invoice. Alternatively, by cash on the day of the party prior to commencement of services.  Cash payment on the day is agreed only at our discretion and can/will be subject to change at any time.   Payments requested by us must adhere to and should be made in line with these terms. Payment requests not received will result in your booking being deemed as cancelled for which you the client are fully liable.

    • Final balances are due prior to any services being utilised.

Please Note:  The complete hire fee will be payable should we arrive at the agreed venue/site to find the cancellation of the function/hire.


Cancellation/Order change policy:  Permitted at any time up to 30 days prior to the date of the party and result only in the loss of deposit, cancellation after this point will mean the full payment is due, this is non-negotiable as staff, equipment will have been booked off for your event.  If cancellation occurs all deposits paid are non-refundable and non-transferable unless agreed to by us.  Failure to comply with payment will result in cancellation, in the case of cancellation the full amount will be applicable.

Weather Conditions: * (*for outside events only) In the event of UCP being unable to hire & set up equipment due to inclement weather conditions such as snow, winds, rain, or any circumstances beyond our control, and we are instructed to arrive, all payments must still be paid in full. If cancellation of the event occurs, we will attempt to offer the chance to reschedule for an alternative day of your choice providing the equipment is available for the date you require but again this remains at UCP’s discretion.  Please note that food items are non-reschedulable and fully payable, Party Marquees can be provided for most items except inflatables.

Please note:  Only orders confirmed at the time of booking constitute this agreement, reductions in value/price are only be permitted via written instruction to be received via email up until 30 days prior to the date of the party and are limited to a 20% reduction in services/cost.  With a 30-day or less remaining order value cannot be reduced.  

Delayed event schedules and late finish fees:  If due to the late running of or alterations to the event schedule, the staff in attendance are not able to offer services ordered in the allocated time outlined in the Contract, there will be no reduction to the agreed fee.  If the event runs late and the staff agree to finish later than the allocated time in the booking Contract, then the following standard ‘late finish’ fees are applicable:

A 25% of the total balance is due per 30 minutes overrun, payable to the staff member or by BACs (to be shown to a staff member) prior to any extension of services being carried out.

The staff in attendance have the right to refuse to extend their performance times without penalty.  Offered only on a discretionary basis and will rely upon availability and/or staff commitments.

Rescheduling: If the event has to be rescheduled this can be done up to 30 days prior to the event depending on availability, there will be a £35 rescheduling fee to cover the costs involved in rescheduling.   After 30 days we cannot guarantee that rescheduling can occur.  If we are unable to reschedule to a mutually agreeable date the full balance amount is still applicable if we can reschedule then a 35% charge of the original balance is applicable to cover losses incurred.

Third Party Supplier / Special Service cancellation policy:  We utilise third parties for some of our services, with some services subject to a special service cancellation policy, these are, but are not limited to Cakes/Photo Booth, Animals, Party Hosts, Real-life princesses, Magician, Professional Face Painters etc. Any of the services, where we employ a third party will have a strict 60-day cancellation policy.   If any deposit is paid by us on to ensure your order, then this is payable by you and this will be added to your order.

Delivery: UCP is not liable for late delivery due to unforeseen circumstances for example, but not limited to, breakdowns, bad weather, acts of God or traffic jams. Our staff member will when able, contact you to alert you to any potential delays.

The Venue / site: It is the responsibility of the client named on the contract to provide a safe working environment, ensuring that sufficient access is available for the loading and offloading of the equipment.  The venue must have the required access and area required to allow the equipment/service to be set up/utilised safely.  Disabled access is required due to the weight, time restrictions for set up/removal. In addition, we advise against stair access as this may result in the cancellation of your booking.  Designated and secure parking must be available outside the venue for one large van and you will be liable for any parking charges accrued.  If parking charge enforcement is in place, then you will be liable for any parking charges accrued to cover the entire allocation of the party or the party may have to be concluded early. The area where the equipment is to be set up must be clean, and not contain any substances such as, oil, paint, or any sharp objects such as glass, metal, or wood, which may cause injury or damage to any persons or equipment. UCP reserve the right to refuse the operation or hire of our equipment if we believe that the venue is unsuitable or unsafe and you the client are liable for all costs.

Equipment: In the unlikely event of equipment failure/malfunction, the total refund cost for all or part of the will be paid at our discretion. Damage to equipment in direct relation to your event will be the responsibility of the hirer/organiser.  This shall be but is not limited to the costs of repair or replacement and loss of future hire. Only staff of UCP may operate the provided equipment unless on a hire only basis.

Guest Numbers:   UCP has a strict policy in relation to guest numbers.  To avoid upset or exclusion for guests’ total numbers in attendance must reflect those stated within this booking pack otherwise an imbalance in the ratio of service users to staff members/time allocated shall occur.  It is therefore essential that UCP are aware of attendance numbers prior to the event.  If you are unaware of the final numbers then UCP requires the number of guests invited.  Staff allocation is determined based on each event/service with a direct link to the demand/usage of quoted numbers or relatively priced services/hire products.  If on the day of the party these numbers are more than 10% of the order booked then services can and/or will be withdrawn.  If an agreement on how best to cover the extra demand is not reached then UCP’s decision will be final.  Regardless of the outcome, full payment of the original order shall be chargeable regardless.  UCP will provide a calculation for any additional numbers on a per head basis and depends on the services ordered. Please refer to our “Maximum User Numbers” on our website and services for further information.  This decision is in place to ensure user safety of items such as Bouncy Castles, Soft play etc and to ensure coverage of services and the continuation of the reputable and professional services provided by UCP.

Guest Behaviour:  UCP reserve the right to decide whether the continuation or removal of any service(s) should any unacceptable guest behaviour occur.  This decision process will take place for, but not exclusively to, the following reasons:

• The participants are acting in an abusive or aggressive manner towards staff and equipment

• The conditions are proving to be too dangerous

Should this happen then the full total cost shall be payable by the named client on the contract.


Our staff member on-site will provide a warning prior to the initiation of any close down steps.  The issuing of this warning will initially be to the guest whose behaviour is causing concern, if this behaviour persists then a final written/verbal warning will be issued to you the hirer before close down steps are initiated.  Should this happen then the full total cost is applicable.

Event photography/videography:  UCP will use photographic/video footage of each event for advertising purposes unless we receive a written request to the contrary.  Any photographic/video content taken is for promotional purposes only.  A complimentary copy of all footage will be available should you require this then please request directly via email.

Public Liability Insurance:   UCP holds Public Liability Insurance of five million pounds. UCP are not liable for damage caused to floors, walls, clothing, shoes, person belongings or sound and lighting equipment. By signing this agreement, you waver all rights to claim against damage caused by our equipment.

Clean-up service:  This service is to be booked prior to the event. The clean-up service we provide is for the party area only, not the whole venue. If this service has not been booked, then staff and equipment must be free to leave the premises at the end of the event or prior to the venue closure.

Mains power supply:  You the client must ensure that at least two mains 13 amp-power supply is available for our use that is within 5 meters of where our equipment is to be set up unless we have agreed to provide a generator.

Refunds & Complaints:  If you are not happy with the level of service or staff in attendance for any reason, it is your responsibility to make the staff aware of this immediately and not at the end of the event as any concerns the client may have can be dealt with and acted upon accordingly.


Coronavirus:  We have taken the time to ensure our services are fully compliant with current regulations and in order to achieve this we sadly had to temporarily remove certain packages/services.  We advise that as a result of the pandemic our staff levels have also dramatically reduced so we ask all customers to bear this in mind. 


We request that all customers abide by all government regulations and social distancing regulations are adhered to.  At present we can only offer Garden packages for items on a hire only basis, we cannot provide staff or entertainers for events as social distancing cannot be followed.  A list of all our hire only items are available upon request, please follow our social media and website for package releases. 


Deposits as usual are non-refundable as these cover admin costs to process bookings.  If cancellation occurs by you then our cancellation policy applies, details are outlined within the cancellation policy.  If we are affected by Covid 19 and any restrictions and cannot attend then we will offer a reschedule date.


These are general terms and conditions that apply to all bookings, specific terms and conditions will apply.  Please refer to individual booking forms. We reserve the right to change these at any time.

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