Basic Contract Terms & Conditions

Please also refer to package terms and conditions for hire terms and conditions.   The terms "days" refers to working days and any bank holidays or local public holidays cannot be classed as a working day.

Agreement:   This is an agreement between us - the company Lynne Williams Ltd trading as Unique Children's Parties (UCP) and you the client. This agreement starts from the date you make a confirmed booking with us. Only these terms shall constitute the terms of the agreement between UCP and you the client.  A booking is deemed as confirmed when both parties agree on the order, cost and date of the order or when we are in receipt of a deposit or a completed booking pack or by any other written form that establishes mutual agreement.  From the point of confirmation on only the items listed on the booking pack shall form part of this agreement.  If you are a commercial client then the booking of an event date via written correspondence will constitute an order and therefore agreement to our terms.

Payment terms:  In order to secure your date a deposit is usually required and we refer you to your individual booking pack for further information of deposit required.  The following payment dates must be recorded for reference:  4 weeks prior to delivery we require 50% of the remaining balance to be paid if balance is over £400.   The remainder of the balance must be paid by BACs or PayPal (7.5% charge applicable) 2 working days prior to the party or alternatively by cash on the day of the party prior to party starting.  Cash on the day is agreed only at our discretion.   If payment is requested by us and payment is not made in line with these terms then we reserve the right to deem this as a cancellation for which you the client are fully liable.  If payment is not received in full then a 10% daily charge is applicable until we receive the full amount in cleared funds.


Please Note:  If we turn up at the agreed venue/site and the function/hire is cancelled the complete hire fee will be payable.  Cancellation can be made at any time up to 30 days prior to the date of the your booing and result only in the loss of deposit.  Please refer to our cancellation section for further details of applicable charges.


Commercial customers: must pay outstanding balance in cleared funds within 2 working days of scheduled delivered service.  If cleared payment is not received within this time frame then the following charges are applicable from the first day the service was received:

  • First 30 days @ 10% of total order balance chargeable daily from the first day products/services were received

  • Legal action will commence after 30 days to recover outstanding sums and any charges as a result of non-payment, the 10% daily charge will remain in place on top of all charges until payment has been received in cleared funds regardless of duration of legal action.

Like for like Services:  Our hire equipment is hired out on a daily basis and therefore on occasions a like for like or equal value substitute may be required to be provided by us in order to ensure our services are delivered.  If this replacement is seen as a fundamental element of your booking we will contact you first to discuss a suitable outcome or replacement.  Otherwise we reserve the right to exchange products on a like for like basis or equal valued product.

Cancellation/Order change policy:  If cancellation occurs all deposits paid are non-refundable and non-transferable unless agreed by us.   If the party is cancelled less that 30 days before the event the full booking amount is due, this is non-negotiable. 

Please note:  The order confirmed at the time of booking can only be reduced in value/price up until 30 days prior to the date of the party, after which time a 10% limit is set in regards to a decrease in order value.  Any agreement/change is at our discretion and recalculation will be at the current rates/prices listed on our website at the time of change request.  Any requests to reduce must be received by us in writing.  This must be adhered to as dates/equipment/staff/products etc will have already been allocated to your order.   Orders can be increased at any time subject to availability.  


Third Party Supplier cancellation policy:  90% of UCP services are undertaken by us however there are some services for which we utilise third parties these are, but are not limited to Cakes, Photo Booth, Farm Animals, Ponies.  If any of the services where we employ a 3rd party are ordered from UCP there is a strict 60 day cancellation policy.   If any deposit is paid by us on your behalf then this is payable by you and this will be added to your order.

Delivery: We supply our equipment delivered and travel long distances, Unique Children's Parties cannot be held responsible for late delivery due to unforeseen circumstances for example breakdowns, bad weather, acts of God or traffic jams. Our staff member will, when safe to do so, contact you to alert you to any potential delays.  Refunds will be provided at the discretion of the company.

The Venue / site: It is the responsibility of the client named on the contract to provide a safe working environment, ensuring that: sufficient access is available for the loading and offloading of the equipment. Designated and secure parking must be available outside the
venue for one large van. The venue has the required access and area required, to allow the equipment to be set-up safely. A cornered off area away from the public for equipment. The area where the equipment is to be set-up is clean, and does not contain any substances such as,
oil, paint, or any sharp objects such as glass, metal, or wood, which may cause injury or damage to any persons or equipment. Unique Children's Parties reserves the right to refuse the operation or hire of our equipment if we believe that the venue is unsuitable or unsafe to operate in and you the client are liable for all costs.

Equipment: In the unlikely event of equipment failure or malfunction the cost of the hire or part of will be refunded to the hirer at our discretion. Damage to equipment in direct relation to persons attending an event will be the responsibility of the hirer/organiser to cover the
costs of repair or replacement. Only staff of Unique Children's Parties may operate the provided equipment unless on a hire only basis.

Glassware: We strongly recommend that venues holding a party do not serve drinks in glass bottles or glassware of any kind and instead use plastic or poly-carbonate cups. If glasses or glass bottles must be used we recommend a glass free party area to be setup and controlled by you the client/organisers and any breakages of glass removed immediately.

Participant Behaviour:  It is at our discretion as the supplier as to whether or not the hire should be closed down for reasons such as:

• The participants are acting in an abusive or aggressive manner towards staff and equipment.

• The conditions are proving to be too dangerous.

Should this happen then the full total cost shall still be payable by the named client on the contract.

Weather Conditions:* (*for outside events only) In the event of us being prevented from hiring & setting up equipment due to inclement weather conditions such as snow, winds, rain, or any circumstances beyond our control, and we are instructed to arrive, all payments
must still be paid in full . If the event is cancelled 21 days before the event we do offer you the chance to reschedule for an alternative day of your choice providing the equipment is available for the date you require.

Public Liability Insurance:   Unique Children's Parties carries Public Liability Insurance of five million pounds. We shall not be held responsible for damage caused to floors, walls, clothing, shoes, person belongings or sound and lighting equipment. By signing this agreement you waver all rights to claim against damage caused by our equipment.  We advise ensuring your have your own public liability is in place to cover your own event.  Our insurance is put together by a team of brokers who cover the majority of our hire items and products, some hire items cannot be covered directly under our policy but would be covered under your own personal event cover for public liability insurance.

Clean-up service:  This service is to be booked prior to the event. The clean-up service we provide is for the party area only, not the entire venue. If this service has not been booked the staff and equipment must be free to leave the premises at the end of the event or venue closure.


Mains power supply:  You the client must ensure that two mains 13 amp-power supply is available for our use that is within 5 meters of where our equipment is to be set up unless we have agreed to provide a generator.

Refunds & Complaints:  If you are not happy with the level of service or with any staff in attendance for any reason, you must make the staff aware immediately and not at the end of the event as any concerns the client may have can be dealt with and acted upon accordingly.  Failure to inform us at the event will result in our inability to address the problem(s) meaning resolution will be limited.


These are general terms and conditions which apply to all bookings with us as a company specific terms and conditions will also apply.   Please refer to individual booking packs for terms and conditions specific to your order.  We reserve the right to change these at any time.


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