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Pony/Unicorn Visit**
  • Pony/Unicorn Visit**

    ** This option has a fuel charge for the horsebox - please view below. 

    This option is for one of our Ponies/Dressed Unicorns to come to your location for a visit where the children will feed, groom and pet the Pony/Unicorn as well as pose for pictures. Ponies can be dressed as a Unicorn, please contact us to discuss.


    The prices are as follows:


    30 minute meet & greet & groom visit @ £125**

    60 minute meet & greet & groom visits @ £150**

    90 minure meet & greet & groom visit @ £175**


    Please see below for further details on the Pony party including Frequently Asked Question and answer section for more information.

    • Horse Box fuel charge.

      As horses need specialist equipment for transport in the form of a horse box then if you wish the Ponies to visit your place of choice then a fuel charge is applicable.  This is £1.50 per mile from the farm base in Beith KA15 1LQ

    • FAQ

      Q.  Are pony rides included in this price?

      A. This option is for a 30 minute Pony or Unicorn visit where children can pose for pictures with the Pony, groom, feed and learn all about the Pony.


      Q.  What sort of area size and surface do I require for Pony visit?

      A.   We advise an area large enough for the Pony and children to conduct and meet and greet. The surface required would be a hard standing.


      Q.  I have a large grassed garden/area is this suitable for the Pony?

      A.  As you can imagine Ponies are heavy with hoofed feet that can/will damage soft grass especially in the Winter months and we will not            accept liability for any damage that occurs on any other surface other        than a hard standing.  This will be carried out at your own risk.

    • Rides for guests

      If you wish for children to receive a ride on the Pony then please view the Pony Ride at your location section on our page.

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