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Glitter Tattoos
  • Glitter Tattoos

    This option is for 1 member of staff to carry out Glitter Tattoos for 1.5 hours.   Please see the additional info sections for more details. 


    We recommend 5 mins per tattoo therefore approximately 18 glitter tattoos can be painted in this time.  If you have more children in attendance an additional 30 mins can be purchased @ £25 and this will allow for more tattoos.  Times are estimates and dependant on faces requested.




    • Add ons:

      Add on: 

      • An additional 30 mins @ £25 supplement
      • An additional junior staff member to offer additional glitter tattoos @ £35 for 1.5 hours or £50 for 2 hours.
    • Space and area required

      Our staff member would require access to a table with at least 4 chairs.

    • Number of Glitter Tattoos in allocated time slot

      In order to guage how many Tattoos can be carried out we state that it takes approximately 4-5 minutes per tattoo. This means approximately a maximum of 22 tattoos would be expected within the allotted time.

      If you have more guests in attendance and you wish all guest to have a glitter tattoo then we would suggest adding on an additional glitter tattoo option.

    • Disclaimer

      Glitter tattoos are a temporary tattoo that lasts for up to 7days.

      Glitter tattoo care: they are 100% toxic free and safe for the skin. They last between 3-7 days depending on your skin type and the maintenance  of it.

      Your glitter tattoo is waterproof but it becomes weak when it is subjected to prolonged time in water. (Swimming or taking a bath). After such activities pat dry the area, do not scrub or scratch with towel, (friction shortens the lift span or your tattoo).

      Never apply alcohol based oil or lotion in the area of your tattoo. Should you wish you remove you glitter tattoo, simply use baby oil, make up wipes or olive oil, let it soak for 5-10 minutes before you scrub to remove. 

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