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Hire of Candy Floss Machine
  • Hire of Candy Floss Machine

    DIY Candy Floss machine hire.  Requires a flossing sugar bundle to ensure the safety of our machine, please see below at our add on section.


    • Upgrades & Add ons


      • For a Retro look the candy floss machine can have the cart added for £15

      Add ons:

      • Flossing sugar and sticks for £1 per head
      • Serving staff member @ £25 per hour.
    • Hire Period

      The hire period is on an hourly basis each additional hour is charged @ £25.

    • Terms & Conditions

      Hire Agreement & Terms of Use –Food Machines

      • It is the responsibility of the person who is hiring the Machines to ensure that all possible steps are taken to avoid injury to users or damage to the equipment once Unique Children’s Parties have delivered the equipment in the Hirers possession.
      • Hire charges do not include attendance by our employees for any purpose other than delivery/collection
      • Serving staff with relevant Food Hygiene certificates can be provided at an additional cost, please contact us for details
      • Candy Carts are hired with sweets and all serving utensils
      • Popcorn machines use premade popcorn and cooking elements are for cosmetic purposes only.
      • Only use the ingredients supplied with the popcorn/candy floss machine.  All food machines must be used on a level surface to avoid it falling over, causing injury or damage to equipment.
      • Only a responsible adult should operate the food machines and must be present at the machine during the entire time of usage.  Please ensure candy floss machine is only on when in use, allow 5 minutes to heat up prior to use. 
      • When cleaning the Candy Floss Machine, please leave the machine and heat button on.  Use some watered down washing up liquid and pour into the candy floss spout this will spray the water out over the drum and ensure a thorough cleaning of the heat spout.  Please be aware that this will create steam and spray so ensure safe distance.
      • Keep any play activities a safe distance away from any food machines.
      • Extreme caution is required as machines can become extremely hot, please do not touch and allow to cool first before moving. Always follow the directions for each machine carefully.
      • All Food Machines must be returned in an acceptable condition, unsoiled and undamaged. If they are damaged the hirer will be expected to cover the costs and any loss of earnings incurred.
      • Do not use abrasive materials or detergents to clean the food machines, washing up liquid is advised. 
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