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12 x 12 H-framed Bouncy Castle
  • 12 x 12 H-framed Bouncy Castle

    Our 12 ft x 12ft bouncy castle is ideal for when there is limited space available or for venues with lower ceilings as it has a height of approximately 8.5 ft.

    • Hire information

      Floor space required:  14 x 14 ft

      Height required:  Approximately 8.5ft.

      Outdoor hires are bound by strict guidelines which we follow to the letter in order to ensure user safety at all times. To view these regulation please click here to be taken to the British Inflatable Hirers Alliance (BIHA).


      The following are key operating factors in which we are bound.


      Set up location:

      Must be on soft surface such as grass in order for the inflatable to be anchored using steel stakes.


      Weather conditions:


      1. Wind regulations:  Maximum wind speed of Force 5 on the Beaufort scale (18-24 mph), inflatables cannot be used in wind speeds over 18 mph.
      2. Rain or Adverse weather:  In line with government stipulations and our own risk assessments we cannot setup or have our inflatables used in heavy rain or snow.
    • Hire prices

      These prices are for standard private/family use for birthday parties, if you are looking to hire for a public or commercial event please view the price list found on the relevant pages.

      Deliveries for home bookings are between 7am and 12.30pm with a 5-hour minimum hire slot provided.  Collections start from 4pm.  For fuel charges please see the information contain within this product.


      • £50 standard hire cost
      • £90 for full day with collection from 7am the following day
      • Attendant to supervise the castle (usually required in council buildings only) @ £30 for 2 hours.


      Late collection charge - full day charge will be applicable after 7 pm with collection from 7 am the following day):

      • £  25  Late collection (after 5.30pm but before 7 pm)
    • Delivery charge & areas covered


      Delivery fuel charge: 

      There is a standard £15 delivery fuel charge price applicable within 5 miles of our base in Barrhead G78 1TT, each additional mile is charged @ £1. 


      Areas covered:

      We have minimum order value in place for locations further than 5 miles of G78 1TT.  Please view these here.

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