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Face Painting
  • Face Painting

    This option is for a face painter for 2 hours.   For user safety manufacturer guidelines of number of users must be adhered to at all times.  Please see the additional info section for user capacity.  


    • Space and area required

      Our face painter would require access to a table with at least 4 chairs.

    • Number of faces in allocated time slot

      In order to guage how many faces can be painted we state that it takes approximately 6 minutes per face. This means approximately a maximum of 15 faces would be expected to be painted within the allotted time.


      If you have more guests in attendance and you wish all guest to have their face painted then we would suggest adding on an additional face painting option.

    • Add on:

      Glitter Tattoo option for a £15 supplement.  This is a popular option for birthday parties as it allows guests who do not wish to have their face painted an alternative.


      If you wish guests to have both their face painted and a glitter tattoo then 2 options must be selected.

    • Disclaimer

      We are covered with full Public Liability Insurance.


      The products we use are hypoallergenic which should help to minimise the chance of a reaction.  If concern remains over sensitivity to products please request a skin patch test prior to painting.  We use only professional paints and products approved by the EU and FDA for their specialist use.


      Paints include anti fungal, anti bacterial and anti mould agents. Paints used are Snazaroo, Diamond FX, TAG and Grimas. The highest level of hygiene control is strictly adhered to, we rinse brushes well and change water frequently. 


      We reserve the right to refuse to paint a person where it is judged inappropriate due to age or behaviour. If a child cannot keep still enough to have their face painted safely, an alternative area may be painted if suitable. We will not under any circumstances paint a child who clearly does not wish to be painted, shows confusion, distress or anxiety or who is asleep, regardless of parents’ wishes. 


      We would be grateful if dirt or food could be cleaned from a child’s face before painting, wipes can be found next to our business cards. We reserve the right to refuse to paint areas on individuals that show symptoms of medical conditions, including, but not limited to; cold sores, open wounds/broken skin, heavy cold with runny nose, conjunctivitis, various infectious skin diseases or infected skin. We are able to paint individuals with non-contagious skin conditions as long as there is no broken skin or infection or a known potential to worsen the condition. We would request that clients are understanding of this decision.


      Children remain the responsibility of their parents, guardians, party organizers at all times. We use hypoallergenic paints but allergic reactions though rare, cannot be ruled out.  We do not take personal responsibility for allergic reactions. A patch test will always be performed prior to painting if there is concern over sensitivity. Please do ask.


      Anything we consider to be inappropriate or offensive will NOT be painted. Requests of this nature will be refused without being in breach of any contract or agreement. IWe do insist that my products are not touched by the public to ensure the health and hygiene standards are maintained. Parents are to keep small children away from my products at all times.


      Removing of paint at home can be done with warm water and a flannel, some colours will linger on the skin, these are usually Red, Green and Black. Please do not worry it will fade within a day or so and a wash with baby shampoo will help.


      Some paints may stain clothes. We do not accept liability or responsibility for any damage caused to any person or their property at anytime. Most stains are removed by soaking in a stain removal solution prior to washing. We always use water-soluble paints and in nearly all cases they are non-staining. We will take care in their use but will not take responsibility for spilled paint or soiled clothing so please provide adequate protection where necessary.

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