Includes a uniformed staff member

Candy Floss Machine Hire

A great addition to any party, both children and adults alike enjoy our candy floss.

The machine can either be hired for you to use and have fun making the candy floss or we can provide an operator.

You can choose how many servings you want from 20 for small parties or unlimited servings for larger events. 

Our machine is easy to use and we will supply the sugar which includes flavourings and sticks.  We will also provide a short demonstration on how to use the machine for those of you using it as a d.i.y. basis.


For up to 1.5 hours with  50 servings  



For up to 2 hours with  70 servings  



For up to 2.5 hours with  100 servings



For 3 hours with  unlimited servings



  • Boo Blue (Blue Raspberry)

  • O - Jay (Orange)

  • Choc-O-Floss (chocolate)

  • Sizzling Lemon (Lemon)

  • Silly Nilly (Vanilla)

  • Leapin' Lime (Lime Green)

  • Pina Colada

  • Sassy Apple (Green Apple)

Choose from any of these flavours, if you would like more than one flavour choice then there is a £10 charge for each additional flavour.

​​* Please note that the prices above  comes with all the ingredients required.  Fuel charge is applicable. 
Limited Services and opening times due to CORONAVIRUS